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The experienced producers, songwriters and musicians at Vibrant Music create quality music for advertising, television drama and Hollywood cinema.

Featuring work from Paul Williams, Adja Bandjani, Mark Taylor, and Roxy Music’s Phil Manzanera, the Vibrant Music Library continues to grow with new multi-genre music for clients worldwide.

Our writers' past credits include commercials for Doritos, Sephora, Dalani, Pepsi and Persil. Their music has featured in multiple TV series including Ray Donovan, Mom, Mad Men and Bull, plus a host of Hollywood movies such as Deep Impact, Crocodile Dundee, Wedding Date and SpongeBob SquarePants.

Vibrant Music Library

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Vibe 001-012


Romantic Piano album cover, white with graphics and flower-shaped multi-colour splash in centre

Flowing, lyrical, solo piano melodies, tracks & jingle cuts.

Drama Piano album cover, white with graphics and multi-colour brushstroke wash

Solo piano tracks and jingles from dreamy to dangerous, minimalist to menacing, and warm to downright weird.

Mellow Chill album cover, white background, black titles and multi-colour brushstroke wash

At the end of a long day pour a drink, lay back in your favourite chair and relax: time to chill!

Kitsch Cooking album cover, white background, black titles and multi-colour abstract flower shape

Fun in the kitchen and the dining room, with some quirky toons as well!

Destination Beach album cover, white background, black titles and pale abstract wash

Time to jet off on holiday! These tracks may be the soundtrack to your next two weeks and for the rest of your life. You’ll never forget them.

Jazz Lounge album cover, white background, black titles and blue watrcolour wash

You'll always hear the very best smooth jazz at the Jazz Lounge downtown.

Casino Backgrounds album cover, white background, bright spikey blobs of colour

When the wheel spins or the dice roll you can feel that excitement. This could be your lucky day!

Kitsch Cruise album cover, white background, colourful crimson watrcolour wash

Sail away on a nostalgic trip with some really relaxing music and more than a few surprises.

Antique Market album cover, white background, spikey watercolour splashes

The bustle of the antique market and the grandeur of the stately home, tunes of times past, pastoral and hectic, with full, jingle and sting versions.

Superlight Dawn album cover, white background, vivid sun in yellow orange watercolour

As the sun slowly rises, twilight melts into dawn. The world gradually comes to life once again as darkness evaporates with the first rays of golden light.

Guitar Portraits album cover, white background, watery purple red pale green wash

Poignant, nylon strung guitar melodies with minimal backings. Music that tugs at the heartstrings, with full, jingle and sting versions.

Earthwatch album cover, white background, abstract watercolour of earth in green and blue

The planet is our only life support system. This music is the underscore to our environmental responsibility and our care of the finite resources we all share.

Vibe 013-024

Strong on Melody, Strong on Production

Christmas Favourites album cover, white background, abstract Christmas tree

Who needs a Christmas jumper when you've got a gorgeous collection of Christmas songs to make you feel warm & fuzzy? Well known classics with a few surprises under the tree. Merry Christmas!

Chilled Christmas album cover, white background, abstract snowman

Traditional Christmas Carols with a sparkling of ambient chill.

Christmas Magic album cover, white background, festive bells framed in purple and blue roundel

The ultimate Christmas collection with something for everyone. Fresh new tracks full of Christmas spirit, with children's choir, Dixieland band on Santa's sleigh and even a special appearance by Rudolph and his friends. Christmas just doesn't get any better than this.

Christmas Sparkle album cover, white background, colourful abstract Christmas tree

Come on …who doesn't love Christmas? From the clipclop of the reindeers' hooves and the tinkle of sleighbells through to the sparkle of the Christmas Glitterati.

Sleepytime album cover, white background, gentle watery blue wash

Relaxing music for when you want to grab a quick afternoon siesta. Whether it’s just 40 winks or settling down at the end of the day, these tracks will set just the right mood.

Escalators and Elevators album cover, white background, crimson arrow

Retail therapy. Relaxing background music for hotel lobbies and shopping malls.

Graffiti album cover, white background, splattered dripping black abstract shape

Dark shades of grey, uneasy and grainy snapshots of urban life.

Minimal Piano album cover, white background, pale green watercolour shape

Sparse Piano tracks with full, jingle and sting version.

Modern Piano album cover, white background, orange and pale green watercolour shape

Solo piano with a modern continental touch. Full, jingle and sting versions.

Human Emotions album cover, white background, crayon-style heart symbol

The soundtrack to heartache.

Kinds and Caroons album cover, white background, primary colour watercolour sploges

Music for kids programs, cartoon capers, comedy and slapstick.

Roadtrip USA album cover, white background, sketchy watercolour American flag

The American soundtrack, country to cosmopolitan.

Vibe 025-035

Featuring Jingles, Stings, Underscores and Stems

Energy Drive album cover, white background, multi-colour watercolour sphere

Bright, high energy tracks for attention grabbing program introductions.

Guitar Vignettes album cover, white background, crimson, blue, green watercolur shape

Classical guitar music from around the world, setting the scene and defining the times.

Inspirations album cover, white background, wing-shaped feathery turquoise watercolour

Music with a touch of ambient chill.

The Dark Side album cover, white background, moody black and grey watercolour wash

Just beyond the shadows is the dark side, a place of terror, fear, violence and brutality.

Cocktail Piano album cover, white background, colourful abstract long stem cocktail glass

The ultimate cocktail music: Solo piano for sophisticated occasions.

Dinner Music album cover, white background, yellow, turquoise, crimson, purple stripes

Solo harp and small bands: Music for wedding receptions, functions and dining.

Autumn Colours album cover, white background, watercolour blobs with spiky details

"Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness" - John Keats

Gothic Horror album cover, white background, dripping blood-red blob

Dark and gritty, wordless psychological terror.

Jazz Urbania album cover, white background, yellow spash in black box

Jazzy flavoured brass riffs: Cool tracks and underscores.

Irish Jigs & Reels album cover, white background, pale green scribble shape

Traditional folk flavoured Celtic jigs and reels.

Escalators and Elevators 2 album cover, white background, crimson arrow

Retail therapy. Relaxing background music for hotel lobbies and shopping malls.


Vibrant Music's media interests include the music publishing rights to Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet, a 26-part CGI series on Amazon Prime TV. We also publish the theme tune to the UK television series Record Breakers used in the national TV commercial for Persil washing powder.

New Captain Scarlet

Gerry Anderson's classic cult 1960s TV series, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons is back! Renamed Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet, it uses motion-capture CGI to pack each episode with breakneck action and stunning visuals, with all the excitement of a fullscreen blockbuster movie.

Demis Roussos

Vibrant Music publishes Emotions and Memories by Demis Ruossos. The song was written and produced by one of our writing teams, Grossart/Burns/Williams and posthumously released by Demis's Dutch record label.

Vibrant Music


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